Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges

We sell ink for printers. We have in stock a wide range of inks for the common printers and others. While we primarily supply the compatible or the remanufactured ink, we can get genuine inks as an alternative. If we don't have ink for your printer, we can normally get it in on a next working day basis.

The typical prices are as follows (these vary depending on the printer model and series)

Most Epson compatibles
£3 each, £10 for 4 pack each or £12 for 6 pack
Canon Ink
Canon individual inks from £3 each
Canon printers that take a black and a colour block are typically £11 each
HP Ink
From £10 (printers that take tri-colour cartridges) or single colour cartridges from £4
Lexmark Ink
From £3 (for the Lexmark 100 series)
Tri-colour Lexmark inks are available, typically from £8 upwards
Kodak Ink
No. 10's £5 each, No. 30 black £6, No. 30 Colour £8
Brother Ink
From £3 each

The above are based on the compatible or re-manufactured ink cartridges, genuine cartridges are available.

We can also supply toner cartridges on a next working day basis either to us or as a dropship to you at home or work.

Printer Paper

We keep in stock a collection of various types of paper, various weights and finishes, and we can get others too. In stock today we have: