Laptop Repairs

At Computer Service, we can handle laptop and tablet issues easily and quickly.

Our PC services (Health Checks and Windows Rebuild are listed here) also apply to laptops). We can also provide additional laptop repair services as listed below.

New Screens - From £60

Laptop screens get broken for various reasons, typically because they are dropped or they are closed with an object in the way. Now we are able to replace them - we can supply and fit all common screen sizes (typically any size between 15" and 17") normally on a next-working-day basis subject to supplier availability. This also applies to the razor thin screens now being found on most common laptops.

(example of broken screen - hover mouse over image to see the same laptop with new screen!)

The effect on the broken screen as seen here is caused because laptop screens are made up of two thin layers of glass with a dark liquid crystal between them and a layer of plastic on the outside. When the top glass gets broken like this, the liquid runs and pools - the black areas are where it pools, and the super white areas are those that are empty of liquid

This service is also available for netbooks. The smaller netbooks (such as the Acer Aspire One and the Asus EEE range) use various screen sizes from 7" through to 10.1" depending on the model. we advise you to contact us for a quote.

Contact Us for a quote.

Tablet/Phone Repairs

We have the option to get various repairs done on tablets, including but not limited to the iPhones/iPad/iPod, Samsung Galaxy series, Amazon Kindles and others. These repairs are all quoted on a case by case basis. You are best advised to Contact Us for a quote.

Laptop Repairs - various prices

We can repair the following common faults (and others) on laptops:

Laptop does not charge, no charging light
Typically a broken power pin, cost from £60 dependent on the laptop to supply and fit. Can also be caused by an issue with the charger ie damaged tip.
Broken screen
See above. Causes are many - droppage (accidental or otherwise), closing the lid with something on the keyboard or closing lid forcefully
Please see here for the Health Check.
Keyboard issues - including missing keys and liquid spillage
Typical prices are from £30 upwards depending on the laptop. Individual keys are unfortunately not available on their own - the entire keyboard will need replacing.
Broken Hinges/Plastics
Typically caused by dropping the laptop or forcing the lid to open beyond its natural swivel point hence breaking away from its screw mounting. In severe cases (particularly in that of droppage) the entire bottom chassis may need replacing, typically because there is nothing on the bottom chassis for the hinge screws to screw into. The cost of this job is quoted on a case by case basis as it is dependent on the damage sustained to the laptop and part prices/availability.
Faulty power charging unit OR laptop will not hold its charge
The power supply units are not repairable, a replacement laptop power supply starts from £20 or we can supply universal power supplies for £30 with interchangeable ends. A laptop that won't hold its charge is usually a sign that the cells in the battery are depleted - costs from £25 upwards.
Replacement optical drive
From £45. A common sign of this repair needed is when the laptop can't read or write CDs and/or DVDs and the CD drive shows up in (My) Computer. No CD drive in (My) Computer is an entirely different issue (that we can also rectify).
Replacement Hard Drive
From £70 including the new drive, installation of Windows and copying data from your old drive where possible. A sign of this repair needed is usually (but not always) when the computer stops loading into Windows or reports "no bootable device" or takes longer and longer to get going.

N.B. We do not currently do laptop graphic card reballs where the graphics card has failed or is failing.

Exact prices vary in this area because of the wide range of laptops on the market. Contact Us and arrange to bring your machine to us where we can give you a quote.