Computer Upgrades

At Computer Service, we provide FREE quotes to upgrade your machine as your needs expand. We will examine the machine first and advise you as to whether it would be more cost effective to replace the machine as opposed to upgrade it. However at the end of the day the option is always up to you.

Our most popular upgrades are listed below.

Graphics Card Upgrade - From £40

It has been proven that you can increase your computer's performance in gaming not by upgrading the processor, but by replacing the graphics card. Modern day games are more dependent on your card's abilities and amount of memory more than the speed of the processor.

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Motherboard And/Or Processor Upgrade - from £80+

It is an unavoidable fact of modern day computing that technology changes faster than we can keep up with it. The average life of current computer technology is 21 months and gets cheaper and faster all the time.

Modern day programs take up such a lot of system resources that older machines just cannot cope any longer. However you do not necessarily need to buy an entire new machine to get a performance boost. Replacing the motherboard, the processor and the memory may be all you need.

Exact prices vary in this area because of the wide range of hardware on the market. Contact Us and arrange to bring your machine to us where we can give you a quote.

Memory Upgrade - from £35

A computer without enough memory will always be a slow computer. When it runs out of "real" memory, Windows will start to use Virtual Memory , and so computer performance will suffer.

Increasing the amount of memory in your machine will speed it up, allowing start-up to be much quicker, programs to load readily and overall system performance to increase. Increasing the amount of memory in your machine from 256Mb to 512Mb will make it feel like an entirely new system.

Customers running Windows Vista may benefit from a memory increase as well: Vista uses much more memory than Windows XP and Windows 7 and many early Vista machines struggle because they were sold without enough memory. Some Vista customers may also benefit from a processor upgrade.

Contact Us for a quote as there are multiple types of memory.

Windows 10

We have access to the Windows 10 Upgrade through Windows Update so if you want the upgrade to 10 but without the wait, we can do it for you, providing you have the necessary updates already installed, namely Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 Update 1 (KB 2919355).

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