Windows Issues

At Computer Service, we have a very extensive knowledge of all recent versions of Microsoft Windows from XP through to Windows 10.

Our Windows services (Health Checks and Windows Rebuild are listed here), however fixing Windows isn't simply a case of "click on this button". This is where we come in.

Upgrade to Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system is available both to buy OEM and as the free upgrade through Windows Update.

Infections - £35

The majority of issues our customers report with Windows stem from the fact the machine is actually infected. Please see here for details of our Health Check service.

Windows Repairs

We can sort out the following common Windows issues on desktop PCs and laptops, and many other problems as well:

Windows doesn't actually boot at all, or shows a flash of blue and restarts
Almost always hardware related
Multiple anti-virus programs on the computer
Always a no-no because they will spend more time fighting with each other, dragging the computer's performance down with them
CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive is not in (My) Computer or the drive doesn't read disks
The former is usually caused by CD/DVD writing software (like Nero for example) and the latter is usually a laser failure
No sound or sound doesn't work
Typically missing or corrupt driver, occasionally hardware failure
No internet access or no wireless connectivity
Always always anti-virus related.
The "The User Profile Service failed the logon" error message usually in Windows Vista and Windows 7 (occasionally also in Windows 8 and 10)
The official line is anti-virus cause but we've seen other causes for this as well.
"Blue Screen of Death" (looks like this prior to Windows 8, the later one in 8 and 10 has a large sad (:() face on it)
Eight times out of ten is caused by hardware failure, the other two times is usually caused by an out-of-date driver or conflicting softtware

If your exact problem isn't here, please Contact Us - we can probabaly fix it.