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Computer Services has access to a wide range of computer hardware, peripherials and software. We keep in stock our most popular items, the vast majority of which are listed below in PDF format. Everything else is normally available, subject to supplier availability, on a next working day basis.

If you are looking for an specific item or a piece of hardware that is not listed here, please Contact Us and we will give you a free, no-obligation quote to supply it.

These files are copies of the same flyers that appear on the shop window. Please be advised that these copies may be out of date compared to the window copies, and that in the event of any discrepancy in the listed prices or specification, the copy on the shop window will take priority. You are advised to contact us prior to purchase.

Please click on an entry in the left column to read the flyer. Specific brands, dimensions, sizes, weights, colours and features are all subject to change at short notice. Prices are indicative only and you are recommended to contact us for our latest up-to-date prices.

Last updated: 30th Sep 2020
This has prices for software including Microsoft Office, Windows 7/8 and Panda.
Last updated 30th Sep 2020
Prices for cables including network and monitor.
Last update 30th Sep 2020
Prices for Flash Memory , blank media/disks and printer ink.
Last Updated 30th Sep 2020
Prices for computer/laptop Peripherials & Commponents