Computer Repairs

We provide FREE quotes to repair your machine. It is company policy that we will always quote you first before we repair the machine. We will look at the specifications of the machine prior to repairing it and advise if it is more cost-effective to yourself to replace the machine.

Our most popular computer services and repairs are listed below.

Laptop Repairs

We can repair a wide range of laptop issues from hard drive failures, broken power pins, defective keyboards, broken screens, damaged hinges, laptop gets too hot - see our Laptop repair page for details.

Computer Health Check - £35

A computer health check is cleaning the machine up of malware, virii and spyware. According to nearly 20% of computers on the Internet worldwide are actively infected, and all those are running without any form of anti-virus software. Close to half of all online machines are latently infected - that is to say, at least one file on the machine will, if ran, infect it.

Click here for more details on our Health Checks.

Contact Us to clean your machine up.

Windows Rebuild - from £35

Providing you have a genuine Windows XP/Vista/7 licence, we can perform what's called a Wipe & Rebuild .

With this option we can copy off any data you want to keep to another machine. We will then format your hard drive and install a new copy of Microsoft Windows using your licence. Included in the cost is our finding and installing all the drivers, so that Windows will know what to do with all the hardware in the machine. We will then perform all of the Windows Updates available at the time.

To format the machine and install Windows with no data to save, the cost is £35, otherwise it is £45.

We are unable to support re-installations of Windows using product keys that are reported by Microsoft's "Genuine Validation" update as non-genuine.